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Looking for an Interruption
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Date:2011-04-26 21:31
Subject:Still not dead yet
Mood: busy

Making slow progress with overdue art, as well as balancing new projects to help pay for upcoming dental hilarity.

Basically, I'm just checking in. :)

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Date:2008-01-09 15:43
Subject:Damage control

Getting back on track from rock bottom isn't easy. This will be a disjointed entry. You all deserve so much better than what I can muster at the moment, but please bear with me.

This year has flown past.


My health situation is improved--still fighting some chronic female issues and depression--but I'm going to need to get into a better routine. My weight is still much higher than I'd like, and I need to cut back on the beer again. Dad had another heart episode a few weeks back, which is kicking all of us in the family to adopt better eating habits.


I've sent less than a dozen art-related emails in the past year... this is a bad thing. I've drawn almost nothing in the past year...this is a *very* bad thing. Many folks are still waiting on projects, commissions and trades...this is a HORRID *very* bad thing.

Tonight is Damage Control Night at the Mitten Household. I will be tearing open all my portfolios in an attempt to gather together the in progress art I need to finish--or abandon and reimburse the client. If you are waiting on art and haven't heard from me lately, please please please try again.


Other news: I was robbed at work.

No, nothing violent, but I still despise humanity all the more for it.

I am a full time shipping clerk/customer service/counter monkey at a local RPG store, and though we have 'GAME' in our title, we do not sell video games. However, we get dozens of calls a week and many people stopping in looking for electronic schtuff. On New Year's Eve, two fellas came in. One asked me to open up a dice cabinet...he wanted to get a set for his girlfriend...and the other browsed. While the first man distracted me, the other ducked in back, grabbed my laptop case, and put it outside through the delivery door. Then he came back out, chatted with his buddy, and they both left through the front door. I didn't realize I was scammed until an hour later.

Of course, they were looking for easily lifted video game type things..and my bag was the only recognizable item back there. My laptop wasn't in there at the time... a six pack of diet coke was, hence the weight. Unfortunately, my Nintendo DS--a holiday gift, some dice, my cellphone, my checkbook, and a few abused little sketchbooks were also in there, and they're now likely lost to the ages.

Oh, and Kit-Kat bars. Bastards stole my candy.


And that's the past year in a nutshell: illness, work, work, work, financial BS, mom barfed in my car (sure, I laugh about it now, but at the time it was traumatic--stupid phobias,) work, work, work, beer, work.

Trying to catch up on critical emails today while there aren't any customers in here.

Take care, folks. Sorry you all got caught up in this.

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Date:2007-08-16 19:06
Subject:And so it goes...

Between the financial troubles and health concerns, my art production has come to a screeching halt. I don't foresee my situation improving over the next few months, and I've had to bow out of MFF for this year. -_- I've always loved Midwest FurFest--it's one of the best anthro-critter conventions I've ever attended--but I just don't think I'd be able to put up the showing that they deserve. I thank all of you for your kind thoughts and your patience.

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Date:2007-02-04 20:19
Subject:New PYO for sale!

Hey kids

Here's my second PYO griffin, on sale at eBay-- one cent starting price, NO RESERVE. Check it out!

I just can't seem to get a good photo of this fella, but thanks for looking! There are more images under the auction link. He'll be my last PYO for a while, until I've gotten some outstanding commissions completed.

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Date:2007-01-18 20:23

One more ballpoint collab, and then I'll dive back into commissions and resizing photos.

Amorphous Condolences Imaginary comfort and a weeping wound.

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Date:2007-01-15 19:28
Subject:Two more for the ballpoint graveyard

Though, I am very surprised at how long a good ballpoint pen can go without running outta ink. This has been a fun experiment, and I will definitely be using ballpoints more.

berbalang provided vague scribbles, and I made these two scary things out of them:

Throttle Up ...and prepare to engage the enemy.

Clinging to the Past ...against all odds.

Check Berb's livejournal for pics that he finished from my loose scribblin's.

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Date:2007-01-15 14:04

Hookay, the bags just arrived, so now I can put together the bird-list! (Unpacking can wait, dammit. Avi-Geekage comes first.)

Overall, I didn't see too many fancy Mexican endemics since we couldn't afford guided bird tours, and our stops were largely tourist-y, but I did see some gems! I've omitted the usual urban sightings (house sparrows, feral pigeon, etc).

A link denotes a new life-list bird for me. These are in no particular order.

Clark's Grebe
Western Grebe
Horned Grebe
Eared Grebe
Common Loon
Snowy Egret
Brown Pelican
Ring-billed Gull
Herring Gull
Magnificent Frigatebird (one of my new favorite birds... sinister, prehistoric, and beautiful)
Sooty Shearwater
Laughing Gull
Black-vented Shearwater
Bonaparte's Gull
Parasitic Jaeger (lyosha, this one particularly made me think of you)
Spotted Sandpiper
Red-billed Tropicbird (very amusing to watch, with their long tendril-tails bobbing along)
White-Throated Magpie-Jay (probably the most spectacular sighting...I loved the noisy ol' things)
Gray Hawk(brief sighting, but exhilarating)
Wood Stork
Orchard Oriole (Finally I get to see 'em, and the damn things were *everywhere*...but I've learned that these may have been a different subspecies than the ones we usually see in the states. Either way, they were quite bold and very vocal.)
White Pelican
Blue-winged teal
Great Egret
Cattle Egret
Great Blue heron
Little Blue Heron
Ringed Kingfisher (Whoo-hoo!)
Double-Crested Cormorant
Neotropic Cormorant
Brandt's Cormorant
Royal Tern
Caspian Tern
Common Tern
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Northern Jacana (much smaller than I expected)
Tropical Kingbird
Roseate Spoonbill
White Ibis
American Kestrel
Reddish Egret
Roadside Hawk (tiny little buteo!)
Western Gull
Anna's Hummingbird
Black-necked Stilt
Cherry-headed Conure
Brown Booby (Insert obligatory breast joke here)
Heerman's Gull
Mangrove Swallow
Sinaloa Crow
Cinnamon Hummingbird
Great-tailed Grackle
Brewer's Blackbird
Turkey Vulture
Black Vulture
White-winged Dove
Inca Dove (so tiny my mom thought they were 'babies' :D )
Northern Mockingbird
White-faced Ibis
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
Yellow Warbler

Probable sightings: (asterisk denotes a would-be new life list species)
Thick-billed Kingbird *
Great Kiskadee *
Forster's Tern
Roseate Tern
California Gull

UID flycatcher (kingbird? darker than tropical w/ smaller bill, reminiscent of Cassin's)
UID small raptor
UID seabirds (several, one possibly Northern Fulmar? another was definitely an alcid)
UID small shorebird ('peep')
UID medium shorebird (yellowlegs?)
UID waterfowl (several, probably scaup or scoter)
UID small songbird (vireo? I have no idea. It was an odd little yellowish-green bird that popped up to the top of the canopy and hopped back and forth--that is, it stayed in one place yet swung/pivoted it's arse around while scolding me, body held parallel/horizontal to the branch)

I'm still downloading and resizing photos. I'll have those and other goodies as soon as I can.

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Date:2007-01-15 11:14
Subject:Home again, home again

Except for disembarkation and a disastrous trip home (we left at 6am pacific time and got home at 1am central this morning), it was the best family vacation so far in my adult experience. If I could afford it, I would go on another cruise at the drop of a hat. However, our luggage is lost--naturally--but once it's back I'll be able to recount some of the highlights. My bird-list was also in a checked bag, so that will have to wait as well. I did get art done for some of you, but give me a little bit to 'come down' (and fight this head-cold back) and I'll send it via email.

Also, I'll be posting two more completed berbalang collab drawings here when I can.

So much for this becoming an 'all-art journal', eh?

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Date:2007-01-03 12:51

About to board the ship! The wild parrots were right outside this morning--saw about 4 dozen of them, and again as a smaller flock of 10 - 12 birds. Veeerrrry cool. Will try to check in later...am using mom's pocket pc.

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Date:2006-12-31 18:43
Subject:Out with the Old...

My latest, and last, finished piece of 2006...as it appears on DA.

The prospects of New Years aren't that comforting when the old ones keep leaving you with less and less.

Ballpoint pen. berbalang provided the loose, abstract doodle beneath. This will be part of our collaborative sketchbook. Check his journal for more.

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Date:2006-12-16 21:03
Subject:My first Windstone Gryphon

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Date:2006-12-13 21:13
Subject:Farewell to the White Flag
Mood: crushed

I can't tell you how utterly depressed I am right now.

This is why:



Oh man.

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Date:2006-12-05 18:10
Subject:Two for today

Slightly-early Birthday present for lyosha

Sketch commission for IvoryDragoness

More on the way!

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Date:2006-12-03 17:14

I am slowly wading through my pile of art to scan. Here's a small sample of some of the stuff I've done over the last few months.

Tooth-ache-cute line-art of a logo concept

http://hyenapaws.critter.net/new/2006/NIPPLES.jpg NIPPLES. Inks by berbalang, Pencils by yours truly. For more collaborations, check out Berb's Fur Affinity site.

http://hyenapaws.critter.net/new/2006/nikki_sliptooth.jpg Nicolai Sliptooth, a mako-man who will eat almost any organic substance he can find. Newish character of mine developed for a one-off rp session run by the talented ilthuain. Now Nikki's an NPC, I believe. I hope he proves useful. >:)

http://hyenapaws.critter.net/new/2006/xenocat.jpg Another grumpy alien cat-thing. I'm quite fond of him.

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Date:2006-12-01 22:27

There's gonna be some changes 'round here. I've saved some memorable posts and made them private, but the majority of everything else has been trashed. I plan to turn this into an art journal.

Seeya later!

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Date:2006-07-12 16:05
Subject:The spirit of aviation
Mood: impressed

I came across this extraordinary gallery on pbase.com today: http://www.pbase.com/yosy/aviation_and_aircraft&page=all

These are some of THE best aviation photos I've seen, from an artistic and compositional standpoint. Definitely something to check out if you're into aviation or drawing flying things doing what they do best.

**Edit** And thanks to berbalang's heads-up, we have the exact opposite of beauty... The Infamous 'Oops-List'

Warning, some of the bird-strike pics aren't pretty. >.o

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Date:2004-09-04 21:29
Mood: groggy

lyosha was, once again, complaining of her hunger. "Feed me," she said. Okay.

It's a study in facial expressions. No, really.

Stoic hyena, scared hyena, bondage mask hyena with cigarette.

Missing a tooth because Cara wasn't paying enough attention as she drew.

And they're off.

Closet monsters.

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Date:2004-08-19 06:31
Subject:More sketchness
Mood: rushed

A Spectral Peckerhead, by the illustrious berbalang

Hovernuggets, a sweet little monopod avian as seen by both Berb and myself.

Sketchy sketchy fun with dihedral-tailed jets

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Date:2004-03-13 00:55
Subject:I love my tiels.
Mood: amused

I'm a bad, bad bird mom...but I have tolerant chilln.

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Date:2003-12-27 03:31
Mood: exhausted

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